Rejected from society
Hopeless and Rejected

Reject To Asset

A Lively Learning Experience

Reject to Asset (RTA) is a program created to give the opportunity to become an Asset to themselves, family and society.


Providing a full mentoring program to build hope and new habits. From confidence, self motivation, diligence, focus, obedience. Eliminating fear, insecurity, and bad habits that cause self-sabotage. "Vice versa viral virus"


Each student will be enrolled into college and placed with a tutor. For the online courses. A no student left behind program that starts with the first phase of Housing.

  1. Class enroll (hosting online class) 

   2.Tutor (*no one left behind ensured success*)


  1. Mentoring program 

    1. Education 

    2. Trade 

    3. Life balance (finance, family, future)

    4. Faith 

    5. Health

    6. Economy

    7. Law

    8. Politics 

    9. Community service 

    10. Culture studies 

  2. 3. Work force

    1. Training 

    2. Daily job placement (weekly pay)

    3. Career guide


  1. Investing 

    1. How

    2. When

    3. Why


     2. Business 

  1.    1.How  

  2.    2.When

  3.    3.Why



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